Easy Layers! Square Cake Pan Set

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Make an impressive layered cake using this 4-Piece Easy Layers Square Cake Pan Set. Bake a chocolate cake with different fillings separating the layers or mix different flavors into each layer for a taste sensation. Stack up a naked cake, one where the layering is the star because the exterior of the cake isn’t iced. Or, create a classic torte filled with whipped cream, mousse or fruit. This cake pan set lets you play with your options! The pans in this innovative set are the perfect depth for a multilayered cake, and the non-stick pan coating means your cake will release and clean up with ease. Several recipes are included in the box. Includes 4—4 in. x 4 in. (15,2 cm x 15,2 cm) cake pans.

  • Bake a lovely square statement cake that’s 4 layers tall
  • Layer your cake with fruit filling, mouse or buttercream
  • Includes 4-4 in. x 4 in. (15,2 cm x 15,2 cm) cake pans
  • One cake mix or recipe fills all four pans
  • Most ovens fit all four pans at once


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